What we offer

  • Electricity, gas, heat and water savings
  • Design, construction and operation of energy equipment
  • State-of-the-art measurement and control technology
  • Long-term cooperation with a guaranteed result

The increasing price of commodities affects the economics of every company, city and municipality. Reducing their consumption is the basis of most projects implemented by Amper Savings.

Implementation of projects within the group is typically done by the Amper Industry internal team.

Measuring and reporting of achieved results is a fundamental requirement of any successful project. For that purpose, quality state-of-the-art technology is designed and installed by the Amper Savings team as part and parcel of our projects, which also reflect specific needs of our clients.

Amper Group companies prefer a model of long-term cooperation with a regular evaluation of achieved results.


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Amper Group companies

Amper Savings specializes in energy savings projects implemented using state-ofthe-art technologies and supplying active energy management.

Planning and Construction of Energy Installations, Measuring and Regulation

Weather Forecasting for the Energy Sector

Combined Generation of Electricity and Heat and Other Decentralized Sources without need for Own Funds

Investments and Assets Management in the Energy Sector

Construction, maintenance and renewal of critical energy infrastructure (LV, HV), optical networks, local distribution systems...

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