Energy Performance Contracting

Amper Savings specializes in energy savings projects implemented using state-of-the-art technologies and supplying active energy management.

For project planning and technical preparation, we rely on the extensive experience of our own experts. The solution usually consists of two main parts. First, it is the installation of new energy saving technologies. These ensure high efficiency for the production, distribution and consumption of heat, cold, water or electricity. Second, there are technical-administrative measures. These optimize energy purchase and consumption with the goal of obtaining the lowest possible long term operating costs.

Projects implemented using the EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) format are a specific area of the company’s activity. They are a financially attractive and effective tool for the implementation of necessary saving measures. The EPC method is based on the guaranteed reduction of energy consumption. This will lead to savings in operating expenses, which are used for the repayment of the original investment. In addition to the guaranteed savings, EPC projects increase the reliability, improve the comfort of operation and reduce negative emissions.

The main benefits of EPC projects to clients are:

  • guaranteed energy consumption and operating cost savings,
  • a long-term partnership with a company with expert know-how applied to a jointly prepared strategy,
  • comprehensive modernization of energy infrastructure with minimum risks and with an emphasis on a long term economical and reliable operation (in terms of total project cost and its payback),
  • continuous optimization of operating parameters – active energy management,
  • detailed overview of the operation of energy systems and energy consumption,
  • online monitoring of energy installations – energy dispatching,
  • payment of the costs of energy infrastructure modernization (project implementation) from savings.

Energy Management

The basis of the energy management service is to address economically usable energy savings. In practice this means implementing zero, or minimal cost technical and organizational measures to achieve savings. The service aims at more economic operation of energy management of buildings and premises, including the management of all forms of energy and water, from purchase to the final consumption.

This includes the standard targeted fully-fledged data collection within energy flows. In addition, there is a description of the related modes of operation, and in particular a functional implementation of a management (monitoring) and evaluation system. This makes it possible to actually influence energy consumption.
Proactive approach to designing the energy concept of the whole entity in question is part and parcel of any cooperation. We generally engage in the preparation of and support for the implementation of technical solutions for achieving a higher level of client’s energy efficiency and optimization.

Energy Saving Projects (Energy Contracting)

Energy contracting is a longer-term project that is based on the gradual repayment for energy installations as part of realized energy supplies (e.g. heat, electricity, cold). Unlike EPC, energy contracting does not include guaranteed savings and the investment repayment is guaranteed by the consumer on the basis of a defined supply volume. The initial investment is then included into regular supply payments. Our solution includes the use of active energy management to ensure quality management of the entire energy economy to achieve maximum savings in operating costs. Various forms of contracts can be agreed for the financing of the implementation itself. Typically, however, the ownership of the assets is transferred to the client only at the end of the contractual relationship, i.e. upon the full repayment of the initial investment as part of the price of the energy supplied.

The advantage of this service is the comprehensive solution for the design, preparation and implementation of the systems of technical building installations and heating technological installations. This includes related services in the field of operation, maintenance and servicing of technological installations. The client does not have to spend their own financial resources on these. All risks related to the construction and subsequent operation are assumed by the project contractor.

Public Sector, Schools and Healthcare

Towns and municipalities: Blansko, Břeclav, Chrudim, Košice, Moravská Třebová, Přelouč, Skuteč.
Schools: Czech Technical University in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno.
Healthcare establishments: Břeclav Hospital, Nové Město na Moravě Hospital, Jihlava Psychiatric Hospital.

Private Sector

BOCHEMIE, CeWe Color, GUMOTEX, První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš
Amper Savings is ready to address energy efficiency and look for effective solutions in other areas if the client so wishes and if a potential for savings exists.


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