Energy Projects

Planning and Construction of Energy Installations, Measuring and Regulation

The scope and growth of activities carried out by the Amper Group companies has created the need to build our own engineering and implementation capacity. It supports the entire group in the planning and construction of energy installations.

These include measuring and regulating systems, so that a considerable part of those works can be covered by the group’s own capacity. The system provides the Amper Group companies with adequate personnel and technical resources for the implementation of complex energy projects.

Further development of those activities is one of the group’s priorities. In recent years we have assembled a strong team full of qualified engineers, assemblers and highly technically skilled craftsmen.

The company focuses in particular on planning and construction of the following types of energy installations:

  • photovoltaic power plants,
  • cooling and heating,
  • cogeneration units,
  • compressor stations,
  • measuring and regulation,
  • HVAC systems.


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