Investments and Assets Management in the Energy Sector

Amper Asset Management is a company engaged in investments, project development and asset management for the modern decentralized low-carbon energy sector. It was founded by Jan Ondřich and Jan Palaščák who wished to build upon almost fifteen years of their experience in the energy sector in Czechia and Poland.

The highly qualified team has considerable experience in the development, funding and operation of renewable energy source projects and flexible cogeneration projects that include power storage serving to balance the transmission system. Thanks to the experience from when the company owned Amper Market, one of the major traders purchasing electricity from renewable resources in Czechia, the team has considerable competence in the preparation and structuring of contracts for purchase of electricity from those sources. In the field of capital structuring and verification of potential investment opportunities in Europe, Amper Asset Management closely cooperates with Northwood Infrastructure Capital, a UK company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA No. 752154.

The investment strategy is focused on the following assets:

  • photovoltaic projects at the stage of secured land plot and a preliminary agreement for distribution network connection,
  • roof-mounted photovoltaic systems,
  • battery storage systems,
  • projects and companies engaged in the improvement of energy efficiency (energy services with guaranteed savings, building and management of local distribution networks, services for distribution companies).

We invest only in countries with a developed market environment and high level of law enforcement and are open to invest in majority and minority shares and joint ventures with developers with a proven track record. Due to the experience of our team and synergies with other companies from the group (Amper Savings, Amper Industry and Amper Meteo), the investment evaluation and due diligence process is very swift and effective.

Examples of investments made:

  • 4MW PVPP, Czechia,
  • 27MW PVPP, Poland,
  • a company providing services to distribution system operators, Czechia,
  • disposal of solar panels, Czechia.


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