Weather Forecasting

Weather Forecasting for the Energy Sector

Accurate weather forecasts and meteorological expert opinions are a necessary part of the modern energy sector. Their need increases every year along with the growth of hydro, wind and photovoltaic installations. Thanks to our impeccable technical resources and highly experienced staff we have had a strong track record of very accurate and professionally prepared forecasts. These included weather forecasts for the electricity and heat sectors, early warnings about adverse climatic events, as well as weather forecasts for agriculture, forestry and the insurance sector.

Amper Meteo is able to prepare forecasts in very short time steps, starting at 15 minutes. To increase our accuracy, we combine and evaluate several forecast models, including a model of our own. We have developed our own calculation procedures for the conversion of meteorological data from the forecast models to various formats serving as a basis for energy generation and consumption estimates.

These are the main products of the company:

  • expert analyses in meteorology,
  • remote consultancy and advice in meteorology,
  • forecasts of electricity and gas consumption,
  • forecasts of temperature at given GPS coordinates,
  • forecasts of electricity generation in solar and wind power plants,
  • warnings about adverse climatic events.


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